About the firm:

S.C PLASTIFLEX S.R.L, a firm founded in 1991, is principally engaged in fabricating plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles, according to code CAEN 2521 and as a secondary activity it collects and processes plastic material waste, code CAEN 3720.

This firm operates in three processing departments:
-The polyethylene processing department- fabricates foils, sacks, bags, tubes made of PE
-The PVC processing department- it produces PVC granules, hoses and pipes
-The plastic waste processing department- grinds, washes, dries and granules plastic waste, especially the PE ones

This unit also has a mechanical workshop and an electrical workshop.

1. The polyethylene department
In this department the PE granules, used as raw material, are processed into foils which are delivered as such or are debited into different dimensions being turned into sacks or bags, according to requirements.
The equipment used is extruders, machines that cut and paste sacks, pressers etc.
In this department granules resulted from foil wastes are also being processed, both the ones produced here and the ones collected from all over the country.

2. The PVC department
Inside this department the PVC suspension together with the plasticizer (DOP) and stabilizers chosen according to the type of granules requested are mixed (homogenized), then they are introduced in a granulator that turns the mixture into granules. These can be used either to the processing of the hose or they are delivered as such.

3. The waste department
Waste collected is being introduced in a grinding mill, washed, dried and brought to the charging hole of the granulator. From here it is taken over by a worm shaft and turned into RR granules.
In the PE section, construction (industrial) foils are being made from these granules.
The waste resulted from the production process are also grinded, granulled and reintroduced into fabrication.

S.C PLASTIFLEX S.R.L performs its own maintenance and self endowment in the electrical and mechanical workshops.
It is equipped with:
-3 SN 320 and SN 400 lathes
-1 milling machine
-1 drilling machine
-1 grinding machine
-1 polishing machine

The working staff is skilled. The firm has 1 turner and one miller who are hired to perform high precision work. 80% of the maintenance and repairing work is being performed in our own workshops. This leads to cost reduction and implicitly to the price reduction for the products released on the market.